Hewlett Packard: Responding to Government’s SME Agenda

The Client
Hewlett Packard (HP) is one of the leading suppliers of ICT products and services to the UK public sector.

The Opportunity
In response to Government’s SME agenda, HP was following an opportunistic and account based approach to including more SMEs in its supply chain. It had recognised that it needed to change the way it worked so that it could include SME solutions into its propositions and win its fair share of Government contracts as a result.

The key challenge was therefore to develop a new way of working with SMEs that met the requirements of the client, Government and SMEs and which would help it win its fair share of business from UK Government.

Our contribution
A small, focused team, led by the Managing Director of Alexoria, developed a strategy and semi-quantitative business case for changing the way the client works with SMEs so that all parties benefit. The work included:

  • Soliciting requirements from SMEs, Government and the client for working together, including identifying the key issues that needed to be addressed for all parties to work together effectively
  • Developing a sustainable business model for working with an ecosystem of SMEs that both met the requirements and addressed the issues above
  • Taking account of what other IT service providers were doing in response to Government’s SME agenda to ensure that the overall proposition would be adequately differentiated
  • Identifying the expected benefits of working with the right kinds of SMEs in the right ways and putting mechanisms in place to ensure that they were delivered
  • Aligning the strategy with other relevant supply chain and SME initiatives
  • Developing a high-level implementation plan for the new business model.

Key stakeholders were unanimous in their recommendation to implement the strategy, which showed how responding to Government’s SME agenda in the right way would help increase the client’s win rate and market value, and launched a project to implement it.

What they say about the engagement
‘This is one of the best pieces of consulting I have seen’, says David MacKeith, Director of Portfolio and Service Strategy.

‘Graham is able to speak authoritatively and in an informed way for the SME community, and acted as their conscience throughout the process. He followed a structured approach to building up a compelling argument for investment, including clarifying the benefits that everyone should expect and how they would be delivered’.